Selected publications

Vrantsidis, T., & Lombrozo, T. (2022). Simplicity as a Cue to Probability: Multiple roles for Simplicity in Evaluating Explanations. Cognitive Science , 46 (7), e13169.
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Vrantsidis, T. H. & Cunningham, W. A. (2021). The Effect of First-Hand and Second-Hand Knowledge on Perceived Group Homogeneity and Certainty about Stereotype-Based Inferences. Social Cognition. 39(4), 457-488.
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Submitted papers

Vrantsidis, T. H. & Lombrozo, T. (submitted). Inside Ockham’s Razor: A Mechanism Driving Preferences for Simpler Explanations

Vrantsidis, T. H. & Cunningham, W. A. (submitted). Social categories vs. individuating information: Re-examining the building blocks of impression formation.

Vrantsidis, T. H. & Cunningham, W. A. (submitted). Immoral stereotype, or acceptable generalization? Beliefs about stereotypes shape their moral evaluation and use.